Some things Mick&Keith

Play Guitar, huddle your cat and check Mick’s bank account

… that’s what I came across during the past couple of days.

A) So, let’s start with Mick. Did you know, that he has a black cat named Nero? And black she is …

Thanks Eric for pointing to Mick’s tweet – honestly, I don’t check Twitter and Insta every day for Stones news, so… thanks to Eric! 🙂

B) And then – how much does Mick weigh – I mean financially? If you ever wonder about this and are interested is the details, check out – there you’ll most probably find enough stuff about this subject to ponder for some time …

Thanks to Ryan for the link!!

C) Last, but not least: some good tipps for all those who wonder about Keith’s guitar sound and the ‘secret’ about playing a 5-string butterscotch  1950s Fender Telecaster tuned to open G and called ‘Micawber’: For a fresh start check out “Beginner Guitar HQ” – there you’ll find all the ways to play and sound like Keith, including some examples for training. I think, some sound-examples would benefit the young Keith-Padavan; maybe they’ll add some in the future?


Thanks to Jesse for pointing this out!


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