Stones Unzipped – Groningen

The Rolling Stones UNZIPPED exhibition in Groningen (NL)

The Stones UNZIPPED in Groningen

The Groninger Museum is the museum for art, design and art history in Groningen, with exhibitions on painting, design, photography, fashion, installations, applied art, heritage and archeology. Although still closed due to Covid19, it is still possble to see the exhibition online.

Our friend Rene from Netherlands kindly sent in this info with a nice picture – thank you, Rene!

He writes:

Groninger Museum is still closed but if you want to see the Rolling Stones exhibition Unzipped it's possible to do so online.

If you want to enjoy the exhibition, you can buy a ticket (it’s actually only € 9,50 !) at the museum site – the ticket will be valid for 48 hours; after that, your access will be closed. You will be able to see the comlete exhibition in a view like Google’s Street View. So, in my humble opinion, that’s a really cool, fair price under these conditions, right?
I’ll definitely will have a look around there!


The Rolling Stones UNZIPPED exhibition in Groningen (NL)