Just sent in: ‘Postponed tour’

No Filter Tour 2020

I just got a mail with an interesting subject and I thought, you would like to send in your comment?

The mail comes from Teri and was allowed to be published here. So here is what it’s about:

I understand they are trying to reschedule, however, some of us could really use the money right now that is tied up in tickets.

I would probably buy new tickets when rescheduled, but for now, they have to understand people needs.

Thank you.

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Nice finds

Stones tongue on mural

I came across 2 nice finds on the net I really enjoyed.

It’s likely that you know about these already, but in this case, nothing is lost. On the other hand, probably you’ll have as much fun with it as me.

So here we go:

  1. Bobby Keys (RIP!) has some wuite funny stories to tell! It’s Psycho Babble visits Bobby Keys


  1. Then, we have this YouTube channel (by ‘Renegade’), where you can watch complete Rolling Stones gigs like Paris 2014, Berlin 2018, Chicago 2019 and many more!
    Thx Alfred, for the tip!

YT channel with complete Stones gigs


New music – correction & more…

Keith - playing a HÖFNER bass

As I wrote the last post – Keith playing to new music – I made a mistake.

I’m always interested in the gear musicians play – of course the Stones’ gear is also on my list of interesting details concerning this band. So I immediately tried to figure out, what kind of bass Keith plays in his last tweet. (Not exactly ‘his’ twet, but the tweet his folks posted for him).

And as you can see in the tweet and my post, at the headstock I thought it says “HOHNER” – but that’s not correct.

As Dietmar Haslinger kindly pointed out to me, in fact it’s a HOFNER bass. in Keith’s picture, it looks like a real aged vintage one. At their website, you can see the modern replica of that instrument. So thanks, Dietmar, for the mail!

Actually, Dietmar also sent in two pictures and one book-cover with quite some relevant Stones content: First is Keith, as he was playing Paris in 2017, the second is Dietmar together with Dominique Tarlé at one of Tarlé’s vernissages. (Pictures © by Renate Haslinger).

Then, he also has written a novel entitled “Brunello, Sex & Rock n Roll”, brunello beeing his favourite italian red whine… if interested in the book, send me a note!


New music!

Keith - new music 02-2021

Never loose hope! New music on the horizon!

As Keith tweets this nice picture of him playing a HÖFNER bass in the studio (most likely adding notes or overdubbing  some tracks), we can see that the stones music is still alive and just waiting to get out of the lockdown.

And this is my expectation for the next months to come: As soon as the vaccines successully give us some protection, there will be a long line of artists waiting eagery to go on tour again. And that should correspon to all levels of culture, not onl music.

So if we think postitive and look towads this years autumn months, there is a chance to see some or a lot of the big names in the business on tour again. And I definitely count the Stones to be among this list. However, not all cantour at once at the same place – that would not make sense. So I recon that all those business managers and logistic experts will have a whole lot of sleepless nights in order to get those schedules right. And The Rolling Stones will play an important role in there, I’m sure!

So let’s all hope we will get past this pandemic and get back to some kind of normal live soon, including some live music of the greatest living Rock’n’Roll band of this planet!!

BTW: thanks, Eric, for the tipp!!

Ronnie’s setlists

Ronnie Wood - Setlists 2019

Remember the 2019 US and Canada tour? And the Europe tour before?

Over the last two decades, each song the Rolling Stones have played in rehearsals has been recorded by Ronnie Wood in a series of hand-painted set lists. The result is a unique collection of canvases that document sell-out tours across the globe, such as the band’s landmark 50 & Counting tour, historic concerts such as 2016’s performance in Havana, as well as closed-door sessions for their latest album, Blue & Lonesome. Genesis Publications are pleased to present Ronnie Wood’s painted set lists for the first time.

At Ronnie’s store, you can buy those A2 lithographs for 90,- € each.

And the well known Genesis Publications also have issued some both stunningly beautiful although somewhat expensive (well, we know it’s Genesis) items:
a) The Set Pieces book is limited to only 1,000 numbered copies, each signed by Ronnie Wood
£ 325.-

b) READY SET GO! – THE ROLLING STONES SET LISTS – Ready Set Go! is a signed book and print set, limited to only 425 copies. Method: Archival Giclée print Paper: Somerset® Radiant White 330gsm, hand-torn edges, Print size: 11 ¾” x 16 ½”, Framed size: 15 ¼” x 20″, Frame: White wood frame with float mount and UV perspex
£ 745.-

Ronnie Wood has chosen more than 100 painted set lists to be published for the first time. Presented in chronological order, each year of set lists is introduced with a selection of photographs and Stones memorabilia, from A Bigger Bang in 2005 to the latest 2018 No Filter tour. The collection follows the group’s travels to foreign rehearsal locations that were kept secret at the time. They reveal the songs rehearsed for historic performances, such as the Rolling Stones’ 2014 inaugural concert in Israel, as well as documenting the shows as eventually played.

The colourful hand-lettering recalls Wood’s early art school days when he worked as a sign writer. The set lists are visually eye catching and filled with fascinating details. Wood’s calligraphy is interspersed with his own illustrations, doodles by fellow band members, and jotted notes that all add up to paint a picture of life on the road with the Rolling Stones. 

Ronnie Wood - Setlists 2019 Ronnie Wood - Setlists 2019