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The Rolling Stones, No Filter Tour, Pasadena, August 22, 2019

Play Guitar, huddle your cat and check Mick’s bank account

… that’s what I came across during the past couple of days.

A) So, let’s start with Mick. Did you know, that he has a black cat named Nero? And black she is …

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Thanks Eric for pointing to Mick’s tweet – honestly, I don’t check Twitter and Insta every day for Stones news, so… thanks to Eric! 🙂

B) And then – how much does Mick weigh – I mean financially? If you ever wonder about this and are interested is the details, check out – there you’ll most probably find enough stuff about this subject to ponder for some time …

Thanks to Ryan for the link!!

C) Last, but not least: some good tipps for all those who wonder about Keith’s guitar sound and the ‘secret’ about playing a 5-string butterscotch  1950s Fender Telecaster tuned to open G and called ‘Micawber’: For a fresh start check out “Beginner Guitar HQ” – there you’ll find all the ways to play and sound like Keith, including some examples for training. I think, some sound-examples would benefit the young Keith-Padavan; maybe they’ll add some in the future?


Thanks to Jesse for pointing this out!

50 Finished Outtakes

50 Fully Finished Studio Outtakes

What a gem this is for us fans!!

This really wonderful collection of OK-sounding studio outtakes makes causes the discussions fly on the net.

Fully Finished Studio Outtakes

The site is one of quite a few that have collected a whole lot of interesting facts about these recordings and the way they were published.

Check this out and after reading it, tell us:

What do YOU think?

  • Where did those sources come?
  • How did it happen that those tracks could be published without any official statement by the band (so far) ?
  • Was it a hack?
  • Was some insider in the Stones management the source of these files?
  • And if so, was it silently approved by the band to be ok?

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50 Fully Finished Studio Outtakes!!

Fully Finished Studio Outtakes

It’s a 3 CD “Special Limited Edition for the Rolling Stones Fan Club”…

… and was published by Black Frisco Records, Tokyo, Japan. This really is extra cool hot shit for us fans!

The tracks include material with founder Brian Jones back in the 60s, tracks with Mick Taylor in the 70s, and stuff recorded with Ronnie Wood. Some songs must be new even to die-hards and collectors, like “Troubles A-Coming”, “Curtis Meets Smokey”, “Every Time I Break Her Heart”,  “20 Nil” or “Hands Off” …

Any of the songs is release-ready. The audio quality is astounding, apparently. At least as far as one could hear songs from this collection as they apeared on YouTube before they were erased again.

So go here and have a dose (as long as it lasts… did you come across more finds? Go under comments and leave the links for us all below! 🙂

Or how about a download? You can check here for wav-formats (stuffed in .rar archives).

Fully Finished Studio Outtakes
50 Fully Finished Studio Outtakes


Still online! The whole lot!
3:34:43 Update March 19

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CD 1/VOLUME 1 (TIME 79:20)
1. Nobody Perfect, 1975
2. Trouble’s A Coming, 1972
3. Dreams To Remember, 1983
4. Don’t Lie To Me, 1972
5. Fli Jim, 1978
6. Eliza Lipchink, 1983
7. Deep Love, 1985
8. She’s Doing Her Thing, 1967
9. Putty In Your Hands, 1962
10. Dog Shit, 1983
11. 20 Nil Ca 1991
12. Tell Her How It Is, 1971
13. You Better Stop That, 1983
14. Scarlet, 1975
15. Walk With Me Wendy, 1974
16. Never Make You Cry, 1977
17. Part Of The Night, 1976
18. Low Down, 1997

CD 2/VOLUME 2 (TIME 74:32)
1. It’s A Lie, 1978
2. I Can’t See No One Else, 1985
3. Not The Way To Go, 1977
4. Giving It Up, 1989
5. Hands Off, 1986
6. Built That Way, 1984
7. Keep It Cool, 1982
8. Can’t Find Love, 1983
9. You Win Again, 1977
10. Blood Red Wine, 1968
11. Fast Talking Slow Walking, 1972
12. Cooking Up, 1982
13. Every Time I Break Her Heart, 1977
14. Dream About, 1992
15. Flip The Switch, 1998

CD 3/VOLUME 3 (TIME 78:17)
1. Sanctuary, 1994
2. Desperate Man, 1973
3. Prairie Love, Ca 1993
4. Living The Heart Of Love, 1974
5. Still In Love With You, 1982
6. I Tried To Talk Her Into It, 1982
7. Might As Well Get Juiced, 1998
8. Too Many Cooks, 1973
9. Curtis Meets Monkey, 1966
10. Covered In Bruises, 1981
11. Ivy League, 1994
12. Too Tight, 1998
13. Criss Cross, 1972
14. Strictly Memphis, 1995
15. It’s Only Rock’n’roll, 1973
16. Studio Jamm Session (Extreme Western Grip), 2002
17. Studio Jam Session (Well Well), 2002

Stones Unzipped – Groningen

The Rolling Stones UNZIPPED exhibition in Groningen (NL)

The Stones UNZIPPED in Groningen

The Groninger Museum is the museum for art, design and art history in Groningen, with exhibitions on painting, design, photography, fashion, installations, applied art, heritage and archeology. Although still closed due to Covid19, it is still possble to see the exhibition online.

Our friend Rene from Netherlands kindly sent in this info with a nice picture – thank you, Rene!

He writes:

Groninger Museum is still closed but if you want to see the Rolling Stones exhibition Unzipped it's possible to do so online.

If you want to enjoy the exhibition, you can buy a ticket (it’s actually only € 9,50 !) at the museum site – the ticket will be valid for 48 hours; after that, your access will be closed. You will be able to see the comlete exhibition in a view like Google’s Street View. So, in my humble opinion, that’s a really cool, fair price under these conditions, right?
I’ll definitely will have a look around there!


The Rolling Stones UNZIPPED exhibition in Groningen (NL)