East Rutherford I Aftermath

The Rolling Stones - East Rutherford I, August 1, 2019

Again: a great gig! The band was on fire!

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The Press:

=> billboard.comThe Rolling Stones Roar Into New Jersey On No Filter Tour

[…] Fifty-five years since their debut LP and still as vital as ever, Jagger and Richards are unlike anything else in rock history. Honestly, we’re lucky to have them both — not merely walking among us, but as capable and invested in entertaining us as ever. With the No Filter Tour, you find out that sometimes, you actually do get what you want.

=> nypost.comRolling Stones concert review: Mick Jagger proves time is still on his side

=> gothamist.comPhotos: This Is What It’s Like To See The Rolling Stones Live In 2019

[… Midnight Rambler …] This song right here is why you see The Rolling Stones live in 2019. A lot of people might sound like the Stones, but the Stones still sound like absolutely no one else.

=> nj.com The Rolling Stones ate Taylor ham at the Tick Tock Diner (yes, they called it Taylor ham)