Alexandra marries Jaques

Alexandra + Jaques

Congratulations to the young couple and all of Luck & Blessing!

=>  – Keith Richards throws wild party for daughter Alexandra’s wedding

=> Stones star Keith Richards’ model daughter Alexandra marries artist Jacques Naude in Connecticut after an eight-month engagement… and the rocker hosts a suitably wild wedding party

Theodora, Ronnie + Sally and Charlie also attended the party thrown by Keith and Patti in Connecticut.

Alexandra + Jaques

Mick in Venice

The Burnt Orange Heresy

The Film

=> Article by

=> Article by Mick Jagger swaps stage for set in art thriller ‘The Burnt Orange Heresy’

From BienaleChannel:

Part of the PC:

Mick Jagger, during the press conference of “The Burnt Orange Heresy”, talks about the “difficult times” we are facing and the incivility of contemporary politics, questioning the future that brings with it only unknowns.

Climate Change

While attending “The Burnt Orange Heresy” press conference at the 76th annual Venice Film Festival, Mick Jagger and Donald Sutherland show their support for the climate change protests taking place during the festival, with Jagger saying “we’re in a very difficult situation at the moment.” He also added, that he was absolutely standing behind the protests.


Denver, August 10 2019 – the show in videos

The Rolling Stones, No Filter Tour, Denver, August 10, 2019 - Lithograph

It’s the Broncos Stadium at Mile High Denver, August 10, 2019, and it’s the 10th show of the No Filter tour… ENJOY!



1) Street Fighting Man
2) Let’s Spend The Night Together


3) Tumbling Dice

4) Like A Rolling Stone (vote song)

5) You Can’t Always Get What You Want

~ to the b-stage ~

6) Sweet Virginia

7) Dead Flowers

~ back to main stage ~


8) Sympathy For The Devil
9) Honky Tonk Woman
~ Introductions ~


10) You Got The Silver

11) Before They Make Me Run

12) Miss You

13) Midnight Rambler

14) Paint It Black

15) Start Me Up

16) Jumping Jack Flash

17) Brown Sugar


~ encores ~

18) Gimme Shelter

19) Satisfaction

About the new album …

The Rolling Stones, No Filter Tour, Miami, August 30, 2019

Not only will there be most probably the next tour (maybe already next year), but also, we can expect new releases like live albums (maybe from the last tour/s), or releases from the archives (we still wait for Atlantic City, for instance).

As for the next new album that we are waiting for for quite a while now, on August 1, radio station – real rock radio – had some interesting details to tell from an interview with Don Was, where he gave some details about the state of production.

That article was taken off from the official pages of – why, I don’t know – but the contents are still visible from Google’s cache. That, too, might vanish in the future and therefore I quote the essential parts of it’s contents here:

The Rolling Stones sitting on 40 tracks for new album

August 1, 2019

The Rolling Stones’ longtime producer Don Was says that the band is waiting for the perfect collection of 10 tracks before they release their latest album.

The band has been in the studio at various points over the past seven years, and during the sessions, recorded the pair of 2012 tracks “Gloom And Doom” and “One More Shot,” which appeared on that year’s GRRR! compilation.

In the midst of the sessions, the band also recorded their last studio set, the Grammy Award-winning blues collection, Blue & Lonesome, which was recorded in December 2015 during a break taping the latest batch of Mick Jagger/Keith Richards originals.

Don Was, who has been co-producing the Stones since 1994’s Voodoo Lounge, told us that over the course of the new album sessions, a tremendous amount of material has been tracked by the band. According to him, Jagger and Richards simply haven’t created the album they want to release yet: “We continue to start songs and it’s such a varied group of songs. We probably have 40 and depending on the 10 we choose to finish, the character of the album will be determined; right now, it could go any way. And there’s some really good stuff in there. And there’s a sense that making a ‘good album’ is not good enough — it’s gotta be great. So, I think when we feel we’ve got 10 things that are great an album’ll come out.

No Filter – what’s next !?

What an amazing tour!! Thank you to all the Rolling Stones fans and to the best crew ever!

Yea, everyone seems to ask this question.

So let’s start with their last message from Miami:

“See you soon”

That reads: If we’re not stopped by anything out of our control, we’ll be back playing music for you again. Wherever that may be. It could be South America again or Asia or a second leg in the US, starting April 2020… who knows?

And this is Keith, just coming off the trip of this tour:

What an amazing tour!! Thank you to all the Rolling Stones fans and to the best crew ever!
What an amazing tour!! Thank you to all the Rolling Stones fans and to the best crew ever!

One thing is clear: this band has enough offers for gigs to play  100 years more, no doubt. So as far as their health allows it, there’s only very few things that will stop ’em from coming back to us and play another string of gigs!

And that’s for sure!

Somebody Up There Likes Me

Ronnie Wood - Kevin Winter, Getty Image

Somebody Up There Likes Me will premiere at the London Film Festival on October 12 – and it’s all about Ronnie Wood!

The documentary by  Eagle Rock Films, is an intimate portrait and traces the lives and careers of Ronnie Wood. Directed by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Mike Figgis (‘Leaving Las Vegas’, ‘Internal Affairs’, ‘The Battle Of Orgreave’), it was produced with the full cooperation of and access to Ronnie himself. Also appearing in the film are interviews with Mick, Keith and Charlie, as well as his old sparring partner in the Faces, Rod Stewart. Sally, too has her say.

I’m very much looking forward to this piece!

=> music-news.comRonnie Wood documentary ‘Somebody Up There Likes Me’ to premiere at London Film Festival

=>‘Brutally Honest’ Ronnie Wood Movie to Premiere in October

=> irishexaminer.comRonnie Wood film ‘brutally honest’ about drink and drugs battle

Ronnie Wood - Kevin Winter, Getty Image
Foto: Kevin Winter, Getty Image

Miami aftermath

The Rolling Stones, No Filter Tour, Miami, August 30, 2019

That was the last stop for the No Filter US-Tour 2019 and it was a great show!

The press:

=> rollingstone.comWatch the Rolling Stones Wrap Up 2019 Tour With Rain-Drenched ‘Gimme Shelter’ – As soon as “a storm is threatening my very life today” left Mick Jagger’s mouth, the clouds over Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium began pelting the crowd with rain

=> miaminewtimes.comStones Wrap Up No Filter Tour With One Hell of a Hurricane Party at Hard Rock StadiumIf you thought an impending Category 4 storm with 135 mph winds and flooding rains would keep the world’s greatest rock ‘n’ roll band away from their fans in Miami, you don’t know the Rolling Stones.

=> gazette.comIt’s only rock ‘n’ roll, but true Rolling Stones fans like it

=> – Rolling Stones play Miami one night early due to Hurricane Dorian

=> wsvn.comRolling Stones hold concert at Hard Rock Stadium ahead of Hurricane Dorian

=> miaminewtimes.comDespite the Threat of Dorian, the Rolling Stones Perform at Hard Rock Stadium

The Rolling Stones, No Filter Tour, Miami, August 30, 2019


Rutherford II – 2019 – videos

The Rolling Stones - East Rutherfod 2, August 5, 2019 - poster

Here is the second gig in Rutherford, August 5, 2019 – complete in videos – enjoy!

1) Jumping Jack Flash

2) You Got Me Rocking

3) Tumbling Dice

4) Harlem Shuffle

5) Monkey Man (vote song)

6) You Can’t Always Get What You Want

~ over to b-stage ~
7) Let It Bleed

8) Dead Flowers

~ back to main stage ~

9) Sympathy For The Devil

10) Honky Tonk Woman
~introductions ~
11) You Got The Silver

12) Before They Make Me Run

13) Miss You

14) Midnight Rambler

15) Paint It Black,
16) Start Me Up

17) Brown Sugar

~ encores ~

19) Gimme Shelter

19) Satisfaction