Studio footage from 1966

Stones in the studio, 1966

Great find: filmed in the studio for a French television programme near the end of 1966, this YouTube footage shows the Rolling Stones in Olympic Studios, Barnes, London.

A pleasue to see them at work with Brian still active playing various instruments. The backing track to these scenes is Let’s Spend The Night Together. To be honest, I would have prefered to listen to the actual sound … but still, it’s great to see!

Faroutmagazine has a nice article about this. And here’s the video:


Another side of Angie

Stones tongue on mural

One of the Stones biggest hits – here you can listen to it in a completely other way…

The idea behind this video is to give us insights into the different sound layers of this song. So you can hear Keith’s guitar alone, the piano part, Mick Taylor’s guitar, Charlie and Bill, as well as Mick’s vocals and piano at last. Cool idea, I find, and a new experience of this song.

Here’s the corresponding article – FarOutMagazine: Deconstructing The Rolling Stones song ‘Angie’ through the isolated tracks

If you find this interesting, there’s a ‘deconstruction’ of Gimme Shelter, too…

Recommended Read: Dave Green remembers Charlie

Charlie Watts

Dave Green was Charlie’s childhood neighbour and friend

He’s the first bass player, Charlie played with! If you haven’t seen or read this one, go ahead and enjoy Dave’s accounts on his and Charlies friendship!

The subtitle is: “The Rolling Stones drummer’s childhood friend and fellow musician recalls a home-loving connoisseur and collector of ephemera

Here’s the link to this recommended read (The Guardian)

Charlie tribute yesterday

Charlie tribute yesterday

Yesterday, December 6, a tribute to Charlie Watts took place in London.

The invitation was purely private and was organized by Serafina Watts and her daughter Charlotte. So as you can see from the list of individuals, Ben Waters listed in his posting, a lot of familiar names attended the event.

The Stones were there and apparently played some songs, among them Down The Road A Piece and Shame Shame Shame.

As one can expect, the tabloids got their share of information. The Sun has some more details about the evening, like Tim Ries, who played a song he composed for this event, “Blues For Charlie”, then Lisa Fischer sang “Trouble In Mind”.  Then Bernard Fowler stepped up and sang “Up Above My Head” with her. You can also read about it at the Rolling Stone site

Steve Jordan interview

Photo: Chase Stevens / @CSStevensphoto - The Rolling Stones, Las Vegas, 06.11.2021

In Rolling Stone, you’ll find a very interesting and recommendable interview with  Steve Jordan!

Title: Steve Jordan on Touring With the Stones: ‘It Was Like Being Strapped to a Rocket Ship’

Sub-title: The drummer has been playing with Keith Richards for the past 35 years, but he never imagined he’d be called in to tour with the Rolling Stones. He opens up about the just-completed run and his new Beat Odyssey team-up with Mix Master Mike

Click and enjoy the read!

Lounge act for Christmas ;-)

The Rolling Stones in Austin - 19-11-2021

Mick just tweeted this little gem from some soundcheck from last tour.

He calls it “Warming up the lounge act for Christmas..” and you can see & hear him and the others (exept Ronnie and Keith) having fun with a jazzy Angie.

It’s great, I think and I’ld like to hear more of that, actually!