Greetings to Joe Walsh

Yup, Happy Birthday, guitar master Joe Walsh!

Lots of friends and famous people greeted Joe who celebrated his 75th birtday on Sunday, November 20.

On Facebook, we can see and hear the many different but always heartfelt greetings to Joe, among them right after Sheryl Crow Keith (at 1:30) and Ronnie (at 1:40).
Ronnie, BTW, greeted Joe “from the studio in LA” !

Happy birthday, Joe Walsh!I think, we all can guess what that means – the Stones are still in LA, working on the new album. Of course, that depends, when that greeting of Ronnie was recorded. But we can guess safely, that it was just recently.

Thanks for the tip, Steve – he sent me a note about this … watch the whole thing here on Facebook

And here’s Keith’s tweet:

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