Sad Sad Sad but true…

Stones Grrr

Sorry, folks, for bringing the bad news, but it seems very likely, that there will be no tour this year!

There were rumours as early as April 14, but only 2 days later, it became much more convincing, that this was not just bad rumours but bad news; sources were reliable.

After calling off the hoped for spring and early summer dates, now the re-schedule for later in 2023 is believed to be too difficult for reasons of generally too much business already booked or going on this autumn. After Covid, every band and artist is eager to do shows, tours or whatever. And on the other hand, the organisation of a Stones tour is one of the biggest and best in the business. There’s a lot of musicians the band needs, then think about all the techicans, lawers, managers and experts to be there and ready for traveling with the band. The boys themselves, too, must get in shape before the tour, too, i.e. rehearse for some weeks. So all in all, it’s a tricky, complicated thing to get running.

Whatever the reason(s) for this  is/are, let’s hope they can at least enjoy their time with their families and the – why not look forward to seeing them next year? Remember, how fit they came back after the pandemic – I bet I was not the only one who was really surprised by their energy, lust for life and joy for being on the road playing their music for their fans, right!?

So let’s hope for the best!

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