Stones in NYC – club gig??

Hackney Diamonds

It’s possible that The Stones will be in New York next week for the promotion of Hackney Diamonds! tells us, that Mick, Keith and Ronnie will be in NY next week and will appear on Jimmy Fallon’s show – either together or seperately, that’s not clear as yet. At Jimmy’s site, you can see Ronnie scheduled for Wednesday, October 18th and Keith for Friday, October 20th.

It’s rumoured as well, that “there is a 99% chance the Stones will put on a live show in New York for fans next week” in a club or small theater…

Well, that they will do promotion in NYC seems obvious and very likely; the club show – OMG, that would be a dream come true. All three of them are in good condition and even have practiced playing so maybe there’s really some chance to see them play a little set in a small venue next week.

They definitely should do this, IMHO!