Several good news

Hi there, folks – sorry for the silence; but here we go for the next bunch of  good news…

Beatles and Stones meet in some Top Ten lists, which is kind of weird in a way – again they seemed to have agreed not to clash with each other, just like in the good ol’ days, seperating their new singles by some days…

And: Keith of course promises that the band will produce more music until they drop: “‘There’s plenty more material!’ The Rolling Stones will make more albums until they ‘drop’=>

The next tour: rumors tell of some more or less 20 possible gigs next spring / summer in the US of A…


Mick spend some days in India – for Diwali, festival of lights…

Mick enjoyed some free time in India; the Hindi message reads “Thanks and Hello India. Away from daily chores; I felt very happy to come here. , With much love to you all, Mick.

Some days before, he met up with Martin Scorsese:

Nice find: Todd S. posted a really cool video on X (Twitter): “Keith Richards recording his cameo for THE SIMPSONS. This is fantastic.
Thx Jose from [UC] for this!




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