Europe Tour!?

Since some time, rumours tell of another tour The Rolling Stones will add after the US HD-Tour 2024

This could happen in fall 2024 and could be a tour of the EU. And not only this, but tour dates in Australia were also mentioned.

As always, we don’t have any official note about these possibilities. What we do have, however, is that the band likes to add tourdates after the US tour but has also plans to go into the studio in order to finish the next album.

Mick usually says that he hopes (!) the Stones could visit Europe for another tour next year.

Meanwhile, rumors tell about venues already booked for next year’s fall!

German radio station SWR3 has a nice page with 3 parts of an interview with Mick (thankfully they left the English without German overdubs) from around December 8th. There he says that he is sure that the next tour will be a European tour but that he doesn’t think it will happen in 2023. (Well that must have been a mistake; he must have meant 2024). Instead, he said, he thinks they will go into the studio after the US tour.

And this would leave further tour plans to 2025… well, let’s hope for the best! Already this far, this band has broken every record rock’n’roll has known so far and thus, we must be the luckiest bunch of fans on the planet, right!? 🙂


Kommentar zu “Europe Tour!?

  • January 1, 2024 at 22:28

    Wanneer komen the Stones naar Europa ?


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