About the Hackney Diamonds stage …

Hackney Diamonds Tour Stage Design and pic by STUFISH, London UK

The stage design for the Rolling Stones Hackney Diamonds tour is made by “STUFISH

Ok, some more infos about what we see and hear when the Stones play and you are there. Stufish call themselves “Entertainment Architects” and that’s a good description – that team was founded by the late and legendary Mark Fisher. They also call Pink Floyd, U2, Take That, Madonna, Lady Gaga and Beyonce and a lot more their clients.

I don’t know what you think, but my impression is that the STUFISH team does one hell of a job!

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More Information

Stufish already collaborated with the Stones on their SIXTY stadium tour as well as the No Filter Tour. Each of these projects are well documented on their sites and if you follow the links, you will find wonderful pictures and infos about these events.

As for Hackney Diamonds, they tell us “The clean silhouette of the architecture is derived from the simple geometry of a slab-like video screen that spans the full width of the stage and wraps around its sides. …

Placed in the centre of an ever-evolving digital narrative, the band performs within the immersive environment of a 700 sqm high resolution video screen that is 55m wide and over 14m tall. … Adding to the multifaceted geometry of this design, lights embedded within the screen and those enveloping the band within their performance area, create a multi-layered setting that breaks down the boundaries between the digital and the physical and places The Rolling Stones at the centre of an extraordinary performance. …

The three-dimensional quality of the structure suggests what appears on first view to be a modern, contemporary building, but one that changes its appearance as the night progresses. By the time the show is halfway through, the imagery and dynamic of the stage screens becomes more energetic and transformational. Taking references from both architecture and contemporary art, the screen content, produced by Treatment Studios in London, mirrors the pace and narrative of each of the numbers the band performs. …

Long-time creative director and lighting designer for the band, Patrick Woodroffe, says “The Stones have always been known for their imaginative and extravagant stage sets, from the early Lotus stage in 1975, through Mark Fisher’s groundbreaking Steel Wheels in 1989 and the wonderful creations that followed. Their stage in 2024 feels as fresh and as modern as ever, a contemporary take for a band who feel as current today as they were 60 years ago.”

And here is a portion of the Stufish production team for this tour:
Production Design: STUFISH , Patrick Woodroffe , Mick Jagger – Creative Director: Patrick Woodroffe WBD – Lighting Design: Terry Cook WBD – Stage Design: STUFISH – Content Creation: Treatment Studio – Tour Director: Paul Gongaware – Production Director: Dale Skjerseth – Lighting Director: Ethan Weber – Video Screens Director: Roland Griel – Tour Creative: Think Farm –Technical Design: WonderWorks