Mick – keeping in shape for the next tour

Mick in Düsseldorf, June 19 2014

Really nice interview with Mick on RollingStone.com – recommended read if you haven’t already!

He said:

I’ve been singing quite a lot, so I’m trying to keep that bit together, and I’ve been exercising quite a lot, so I’m keeping that bit together. Yeah, I miss performing. But I’m not in such a bad position. And I do have other jobs to do, so you can’t feel sorry for yourself. […] We might be playing to very few people. Even though we know we might be lucky enough to sell tickets, we might not be able to play to them all at once.

Asked how he spends his time these months he tells of enjoying the out-door space, the beautiful spring and summer at his country home (in France). Of course, he has been writing songs, recording and also cares for some documentary projects.  Then, GHS is discused and he tells some details about songs like Winter, Heartbreaker, Angie and Silver Train. He closes by adds that he hopes to be back on the road next summer.

Be sure Mick: we will be there!

Go to rollingstone.com for the interview: “Mick Jagger on the Future of Live Music, the Stones’ Next Album, and More