Brown Sugar live from Rio!

Brown Sugar - Copacabana Rolling Stones Bobby Keys

The fucking greatest band on earth just released 5:39 minutes of Brown Sugar glory!

Played, filmed and recorded at Rio de Janeiro’s Copacabana Beach, you can see and hear The Rolling Stones back in those glory days when Bobby Keyes was still a member of that rat-pack. (Hey Karl [Denson]: absolutely no blame on you! You are indeed and truly in charge of Bobby’s spot in this band!!

So just come on in, get your rocks off and dance to that beat of that gold coast slave ship, bound for cotton fields …

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And don’t forget: the next Stones tour is definitely in the making! After all, Alice has scheduled dates for a tour (Cooper, that is), as have the Black Crowes!

Do you really believe, the Stones are going to miss this possibillity of playing live once more and maybe for the last time?

I don’t think so!

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