End of silence?

The Rolling Stones, No Filter Tour, Glendale, August 26, 2019

Finally we have some news about the new album and tour!

Until today, the Stones have remained silent, officially, as far as this year’s tour or the new album have been concerned. I already thought, because of the new delta variant of Covid, they would cancel everything and remain passive, waiting for more secure times.

I might be prooven wrong. That’s at least what I’m hoping for. And here’s the reason:

According to the DAILY MAIL (that’s not the official Stones news ressource, but what the heck …), Mick has been in London, at Wembley stadium, to be precise, in order to catch the soccer game of England vs. Denmark. And now finally, the rule, that England looses every time Mick is present, has been prooven wrong.

So, Mick flew in from France, ignoring the quarantine for 10 days he would have had to oblige as France is on UK’s amber list. Thus, ha has broken UK’s Covid rules and could face a fine of £10.000 as a result. Well, no worries here, he most likely can afford this, hehehe …

In that article of the DAILY MAIL, we find some very interesting lines:

The Rolling Stones are currently finishing off their latest album in London, which is set to be released later this year. Mick is working on material with band-mates Ronnie Wood, 74, and Charlie Watts, 80, in the UK, while Keith Richards, 77, contributes from his home in the US.


They are also planning to release another album of remastered ‘basement tracks‘ never previously released from around the time of their Tattoo You 1981 release. The band’s sold out tour of America is currently waiting to be rescheduled after Covid-19 forced the 15 dates to be postponed.

After about a month of waiting for any official announcement almost every day, this finally gives us a first impression of what’s still ahead. The Stones management still has to find ways to find the best solution for and with the band, the fans, the promoters and the ensurance – not a job I would be very happy to have to do…

Anyways: let’s look forward to good news coming soon, hopefully! And here’s the article of the DAILY MAIL – have a look and read for yourself!