What should they do??

Charlie Watts' drumkit with sign 'Closed'

What should the band do now?

Charlie has passed away and the future of the Rolling Stones is now uncertain, as Brian has said once almost with the same words.

Charlie himself suggested Steve Jordan as his replacement or the US tour and until he could take the drummer’s place in the band again. The official announcement read that he is “working hard to get fully fit” and “After all the fans suffering caused by COVID I really do not want the many fans who have been holding tickets for this Tour to be disappointed by another postponement or cancellation.” Here’s the official tweet:

Official announcement that Charlie does not tour the US in 2021

What will happen next? What will be the decision of Mick, Keith and Ronnie? There will be some official statement, soon, but what do you think?

Many fans say “No Charlie, no Stones” and both Keith and Mick have said, that without him, the band is no longer the same. so what should they do??

  1. Call it quits – no tour anymore!
  2. Do the US Tour with Steve Jordan and then resign.
  3. Do the US Tour and tour Europe next year in celebration of their 60th anniversary and the possibly then finished new album.

In my humble opinion, they should do both tours if possible and maybe quit thereafter. Why? I for one think, that nothing stays the same over any period of time. So after Brian, Mick Taylor, Stu, Bill Wyman, Bobby Keys and now Charlie left the band in one way or another, the band did and should play on for these months and next year, or even as long as they can. The Stones with Steve on drums (and Daryl Jones on bass) is just fine with me. They will sound slightly different, that’s for sure, but that is just natural. They played better and less better gigs even with Charlie before. And being the musicians they are, I for one hav no problem, should they continue this and next year. I’m convinced, Charlie would want them to do this.
Again, that’s just IMHO …

August 26 Update I: According to The Mirror it sems like the band wants to continue the tour:
They will want to honour him and celebrate his amazing musical legacy. They will want to do Charlie proud.

The same tells RollingStone | the US Sun | the Irish Sun |

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