More venues rumored for the Stones’ 2022 tour

The Rolling Stones play Austin, 20.11.2021

Now we have reached the point where rumors fly, as always before any official announcement…

So we can add two more items on the list for this tour which could possibly also join the ‘official’ rumored list: Oslo, Norway and Liverpool, UK …


  • London
  • Oslo
  • Liverpool
  • Munich
  • Vienna

All within June/Kuly 2022 so far. I’ll keep you posted if there’s more of this …

… Your comments:

Tour 2022: More venues added to the list!

The Rolling Stones Tour 2022 - Wien Vienna

Now Vienna is added to the list of possible venues for The Rolling Stones 2022 Tour of Europe!

After Munich, Lyon and London have been added on the list for possible tourdates, now Vienna, Austria is pretty shure to have got one of the shows we all are looking forward to! The possible dates rumored so far range from beginning of June until end of July 2022.

See the pic of OE24.AT, an austrian tabloid, telling us that the Happel-Stadium in Vienna has been resereved for July 22 this year. In the corresponding article (for me via VPN with standpoint Europe accessible) it is said, that this booking has been done by The Rolling Stones:

Mick Jagger und Co. haben für den 22. Juli das Ernst Happel Stadion reserviert.

The Rolling Stones Tour 2022 - Wien Vienna

TOUR RUMORS … announcement March 9?

Rolling Stones - Los Angeles #1, October 14, 2021

The rumors about a 2022 tour of Europe are gathering momentum…

As french paper “ writes, The Rolling Stones could play in Lyon in July and will announce their tour officially on March 9:

Les Rolling Stones enflammeront les tribunes du Groupama Stadium de Lyon le 15 ou le 19 juillet, selon la logistique de leur tournée européenne, rapporte Le Progrès. Ce sera la seule date française du groupe, qui annoncera le détail de sa tournée le 9 mars.

This would be this in English: “The Rolling Stones will ignite the stands of Groupama Stadium in Lyon on July 15 or 19, depending on the logistics of their European tour, reports Le Progrès. This will be the only French date of the group, which will announce the details of its tour on March 9.

But that’s not all, of course. For a couple of days, one rumor centers around a possible tour date in London’s Hyde Park. And that this could coincide with the date that Paul McCartney plays the Pyramide stage of Glastonbury. So this would revive or extend the rivalry between the Beatles and the Stones, or, more recently, Macca and the Stones… British tabloid The Mirror writes:

Promoters AEG are thought to have sounded out Mick Jagger and the band to play the BST Hyde Park show on Saturday June 25.

More possible tour dates could happen across Europe. Apart from France and the UK, for Germany Munich and Berlin are mentioned. And more suggestions will pop up, that’s for sure.

Rolling Stones - Los Angeles #1, October 14, 2021As you can see, we are facing the rising fever and excitement that comes with a new tour of The Rolling Stones, as we have enjoyed so often during the last fucking 60 years! It’s just ‘wonder-full’, fantastic and unbelievable to some extent, but still, it’s just happening once more.

I for one think, that this could really be the final tour of the band. They have never mentioned anything like a last tour or farewell tour and I don’t think, they will call it as that this time. Time will tell …

Mick: … before things get busy…

Mick early 2022

As Keith prepares for the upcoming gig in NY, so does Mick: he’s enjoying a little chilling time, ‘before things get busy

Well, we all understand what he means with these words. My suggestion: the planning for the 60th anniversary 2022 is nearing fullfillment. Whatever is being planned, it’s in the last phase before becoming concrete. So we can expect more news about anything that they plan to take place this year soon…

Oh, and … Mick looks great!

See Mick’s Instagram

Keith & Winoes headline LOVE ROCKS NYC 22

Keith Richards & the X-Pensive Winos will headline the sixth annual Love Rocks NYC benefit concert at New York’s Beacon Theatre on March 10

This is fantastic! Keith Richards & The Expensive Winos will headline and play at the on March 10, 2022!

It’s the the sixth annual Love Rocks NYC benefit concert at New York’s Beacon Theatre, benefitting God’s Love We Deliver. That’s going to happen just 23 days from today!

TICKETS: The Next Sale Will Begin on Thu, Feb 17 @ 10:00 am EST (

And this also implies a lot of other things: The Winos have to come together and play, rehearse and get ready for the stage. Call it what you want, but isn’t that the ideal warm-up gig for the upcoming European tour?? Now that Covid rages but lessens in strength and more and more governments plan to loosen up the pandemic restrictions, we definitely have great hopes for this summer, right?

Keith Richards & the X-Pensive Winos will headline the sixth annual Love Rocks NYC benefit concert at New York’s Beacon Theatre on March 10

God’s Love We Deliver cooks and home-delivers nutritious, medically tailored meals for people too sick to shop or cook for themselves; it was founded in 1985 as a response to the AIDS pandemic and has been an essential services provider during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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