The Vote, The Stage

New stage Madrid

Just 2 more days to go, and we will witness the Rolling Stones Sixty Tour of Europe!

Meanwhile, the song-vote is up again, as we know it from the last tours. For Madrid, we have the following ballads to choose from:

  • Wild Horses
  • Angie
  • Ruby Tuesday
  • Fool To Cry

So go there and cast your vote!

song vote for Madrid

As for the new stage, at a first look, it appears to be smaller than the one they used on the No Filter Tour.

New stage MadridIt has one big screen in the middle and two extra screens on both sides.

Enjoy the video below: it’s a still of the stage and you hear the band rehearsing “Mother’s Little Helper“. The sound, I believe, came from an Instagram post by eugenistrummer, I believe and the picture of the stage came from rogerriffin [IORR]

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Then, the band posted some pics from the backstage area today: