The Rolling Stones: Berlin, Waldbühne


August 3, 2022 – It’s the Waldbühne again!!

Yes indeed, here we are: at the final stop of the European SIXTY Tour of the Rolling Stones!

Well, once again it can be savely said, that they blew everyone’s mind and expectations – 3 lads in their late 70ies once again defined, what Rock ‘n’ Roll is all about – sinister lyrics, mean ( and LOUD) guitars, a production on highest levels (sound, lights) but as for the music: you still hear every wrong note or misled chord in the honest and raw mix. That’s it, folks.

And that’s what we have to expect for tonight’s finale – maybe some surprise song which they haven’t done since long? But at least, we’ll get what this band stands for: hand made custom Rock’n’Roll… ALL DOWN THE LINE:

Sympathy (Insta)
Gimme Shelter (Insta)
YGTS – from afar, 0:54
SMU – Nina, Fb, 3:52
YCAGWYW, Ghost Town (Nina, Fb, 13:01)
Out Of Time (YT, 4:49)
Tumbling Dice (YT, 3:09)


  1. Street Fighting Man
  2. All Down The Line
  3. Tumbling Dice
  4. Rocks Off
  5. Out Of Time
  6. Fool To Cry
  7. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
  8. Living In A Ghost Town
  9. Honky Tonk Women
  10. You Got The Silver
  11. Happy
  12. Miss You
  13. Midnight Ramber
  14. Paint It Black
  15. Start Me Up
  16. Gimme Shelter
  17. Jumpin’ Jack Flash
  18. Sympathy For The Devil
  19. Satisfaction



Yes, yes, yes, those were the days …