HD – Blood Records Zoetrope

That’s a real gimmick and maybe must-have for all those vinyl completicits!

A stunning vinyl LP version of Hackney Diamonds due for release on October 20th 2023.

BUT: This edition is “limited to Customers with shipping adress in Germany, Austria & Switzerland only.” Don’t ask me why that is, I have no idea.

It’s 1LP – Picture Disc [Blood Records Zoetrope] and will be shipped approximately on October 20th for the price of 34,99 €. Preorder it at rollingstones.bravado.de

Check out their video:


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6 thoughts on “HD – Blood Records Zoetrope

  • October 2, 2023 at 21:59

    The mention is only for bravado.de website.
    I suppose they’ve just the right to distribute in these countries.
    For myself, I’ve been redirected to Blood official English website and there’s no mention of these restrictions.
    I’ve been able to order it and be delivered in France. It’ll be a superb Christmas Present for my old Rolling Stones fan of father ;).
    Good luck !

    • October 2, 2023 at 23:42

      Hi Mike, Hi Radek,

      thanks for clearing this up. I was expecting some correction here, it was too ridiculous… 😉

  • October 3, 2023 at 20:58

    I already ordered it 2 days ago. I also ordered 5 of the 6 available vinyl colours, so I will receive 5 LPs in the end, as there are black, blue, green, lilac and thorpe ones now! I leave out the picture disc, never was a fan of picture discs. Already received Vinyl-single „Angry” and waiting on 10″ single of „Sweet Sounds Of Heaven”, which I also bought at I-Tunes Store as download.

    • October 6, 2023 at 19:54

      Hi there, Hasi,
      I bet you’ve got a collection… right? 🙂
      (if yes, would you like to share the details?)

      That’s very nice perspectives to look for, that’s for sure.

    • November 2, 2023 at 15:21

      what ya mean – collection? Of „Hackney”?? I got all possible Vinyls and singles of Hack – yes! If you mean other Stones records – also YES, I have quite a collection with nearly everything official on Vinyl, like original 1st pressing of „Exlie” including the postcards, original 1st pressing of „Through The Past”, 1st pressing of „Satanic” with the 3D-artwork and around 100 bootlegs, some stuff on CD as well. Also on CD the „No Filter” concert of Paris 2017 at U-Arena. Some other gimmicks like books & posters signed by cultish Stones-fotografer Dominic Tharle, and so on … also original authorized press fotos from various Austrian shows back to 1982 and fotos that I took myself (like this one here attached – shot in `82 at Praterstadion/Wien) and fotos my wife took (you already showed one of Keefs` here, I am happy to send more)


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