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Are The Rolling Stones going on tour in 2024 behind Hachney Diamonds? reports about an interview the BBC did with Keith under the headline “Keith Richards says The Rolling Stones are planning 2024 tour“.

Here’s a snippet:

In fact, rather than waving goodbye, the band are plotting to take their new music on the road next year, “if everybody is still standing”. “We’re all in good fettle,” says Richards. “We’re not looking at each other and saying, ‘time’s up’.
Is that a phrase he could ever imagine uttering?
“My answer is I’m not Nostradamus,” he chuckles. “Of course it’s going to end some time, but there’s no particular rush.”

Keith @ Howard Stern's show, SiriusXMThen, Keith also joined the Howard Stern show at SiriusXM! To get the full interview, check out the show’s homepage and check out (subscription needed, 3 months free trial possible). There’s 4 teasers from it at YouTube:

1. Keith Richards on How the Rolling Stones Got Their Name

2. Keith Richards Talks Teaming Up With Mick Jagger

3. Keith Richards Remembers Rolling Stones Drummer Charlie Watts

4. Keith Richards on Writing the Rolling Stones Hit “Satisfaction”


2 thoughts on “Tour perspectives

  • October 13, 2023 at 6:04

    Keith Richard’s will rock even after passing and will continue to rock it even after my passing, my children and grandchildren too. All Stones live on forever no matter what !!! be cool ………………….
    P. Johnson..
    Southern California, the good part…never stay still !!!

  • October 12, 2023 at 22:07

    Stern has become a PC Stormtrooper…


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