Stones tonight @ Racket NYC !!

Apparently, according to Robert B. from Instagram, The Rolling Stones will be playing tonight at the Racket in Ney York City!


  1. Shattered
  2.  Angry
  3. Whole Wide World
  4. Tumbling Dice
  5. Bite My Head Off
  6. Sweet Sounds Of Heaven (w. Lady Gaga)
  7. Jumping Jack Flash

Short video Sweet Sounds Of Heaven (Insta) – a little longer here at YouTube – and a Mick-Gaga duett (Insta) – and Keith opening JJF!! (Insta)

Final bow:

– – – – – – – – – – – –

Check out Robert B.’s Insta for this info!

This is exciting! I woner how and what they’ll play – will Bill Wyman be there, too? I think, Mr. Watt, too could play the bass on the new songs. Maybe it’s just a private gig for the industry? Or will it be open to some lucky fans, too?

Whatever the boys are up to – we will see and hear hopefully what’s going on. By now, Lady Gaga might be there (and who else!??) and the warm-up gig is the Questlove

Robert B. from Insta:

“I heard Lady Gaga might show. It will probably be a star Studded event” … “Questlove Will warmup”

Brad Wheeler, entertaintment writer from the Globe&Mail also posted this on X some hours ago: “#RollingStones launching new album #HackneyDiamonds tonight with an appearance in Manhattan, at Racket NYC. Three songs to be performed live is what I’m hearing.”

More coming up…

=> Then, I received mail from a kind friend of ours, Jimi O., reached me – Jimi sent us a link to the complete Keith at the Tonight Show (mp4, 1.54 GB). That’s some impressive 1:32:18 talk with Keith – simply great!!



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