Mr. Watt’s October 20th

This is a dream come true – Andrew Watt writes beautiful lines at Insta and adds a great gallery.

At his Insta account, Andrew Watt writes:
Today is October 20th…my 33rd birthday…I woke up in nyc to the release of @therollingstones album I produced. This cannot be real, it must be Rock n Roll Heaven…everyone in the world knows what it’s like to be a fan of this band. They’re the worlds greatest rock n roll band…but somehow I got to spend real time with these guys. They took a freak from behind the barricade and let him produce their record!! I learned about muddy waters from Keith, little Richard from mick, and Rembrandt from Ron. We were a family for 6 months straight giving everything we had to the record that is out today. Thank you to @paulmccartney @eltonjohn @ladygaga @steviewonderlegacy @bill_wyman_official @matterialist12 @jayveerecords @benmonttench It took an army to make this happen @the_malfa @marsonaudio and @serbangheneamixes I could not have dreamed of doing this without you. Dreams do come true…I am filled with nothing but deep gratitude today. Boy do I fucking love music

And here are his pictures… really nice!


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