HELP NEEDED! Are you from the US or Canada?

HELP NEEDED! Are you from the US or Canada?

Welcome to! – Something strange has happend since about beginning of this month and maybe you can help me with this:

Visits coming from the US or Canada to this homepage have suddenly dropped by 70%!

And I have absolutely no idea why this has happend!
What a drag: the US tour is in full flight now!

So if you are from the US or Canada, can you tell about problems to access
Has it been taken off from the Google search result pages?
I monitor the visits to this page with Google Analytics and there’s absolutely no help offered in this matter – it’s a shame, really.

If you can tell anything about this, I would be very happy if you could just drop me a note via e-mail or write some commend below.

Of yourse, I will continue to write about the tour and provide news, setlists and links to live streams during this tour and beyond!