Change of tour plans?

The rumored tour plans for Asia and Australia are apparently in doubt again.

Alternatively, a second leg of this year’s No Filter Tour with shows in the United States could see the light of day around next summer.

Generally, there is little doubt, that the Stones management receives multiple requests from many places around the world. They could play any place at any time, any day. So if plans about a tour in Asia surface, that’s just one of many possibilities the band can choose from. So plans for a tour in Asia/Australia following the last tours in Europe and the US were considered. But now, they again are in doubt.

Ronnie lately left us doubtless that the band will go on tour again in the future if health allows it. Whether it’s Asia or another US tour we have yet to see. Reasons for casting doubts on a possible tour in Asia/Australia could be the travel distances – but again, that’s just guessing. We simply don’t know. So by now, we can seriously consider the Stones to tour again. By now, the US is more likely than Asia – that’s all.

In any case: I’m sure we are looking forward to announcements and the generally rising exitement!! 🙂