Tour 2020 rumors!!

The Rolling Stones - Houston 2019

Some time ago, rumors told that the band could have plans to tour Australia next year.

Now, it’s quite possible that the band could be planning a tour (March/April) in Asia – like Japan (Macao, Singapore, Shanghai), New Zealand, Hawaii and … Australia (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne) !!

Well, that’s an exciting perspective, to be honest. I’m not at all surprised, that the band plans to keep on touring. All of them spoke positively about still playing live; even Charlie did. And they still have great fun on tour.

See for instance this news-bit from (dated 11/09/2019) – Another music bombshell? Rumour File told the The Rolling Stones are coming to Australia

Or this from (dated 10/04/2019) – TOUR MAIL | The Rolling Stones To Tour Australia In 2020 – March/April

There’s no details yet, of course, and it’s not at all official. But I can easily imagine that this will actually happen!

Yes, folks, The Stones are still rolling and so far gather no moss…