Ronnie meets Rod

Our dear Ronnie has again surfaced and enjoyed a hug by Rod Steward and Penny

After the Covid “no-go” of social meetings or even hugging, Ronnie and Sally enjoyed a few hugs when they met old mate Rod Steward and his wife Penny on last Monday night when restricktions were loosend.

The Daily Mail has more on this, if you like.

As for Ronnie’s hair: either he has a new look or his last cancer-battle left some mark. What do you think? And what’s about those shoes Rod wears? 🙂
Any comments?


Ronnie, Sally, Rod and Penny enjoy some hugs!
Ronnie, Sally, Rod and Penny enjoy some hugs!
Ronnie, Sally, Rod and Penny enjoy some hugs!

2 thoughts on “Ronnie meets Rod

  • May 22, 2021 at 5:00

    Looks like in the first picture hugging Penny that behind the little spike in the front of his hair he has a bald spot. Considering that was not seen in previous pictures ever of him, he might have had chemo for the cancer.

    • May 22, 2021 at 12:14

      Hi Robert,

      … that was my first idea, too. Also, his hair is cut short. That’s the first time I’ve sen it like this in pictures of him.
      Man, we can consider ourselfes e x t r e m e l y lucky to be fans of this band. They’re in their middle 70ies or older, Charlie faces 80 and they still plan to tour as soon as possible.

      Simply incredible! Marvellous!
      What a band! 🙂



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