Dallas Aftermath

It was raining and it was cold. Many people complained about the traffic jams.

Nevertheless, they were rewarded by a tight and rocking show of the greatest Rock’n’Roll band of this planet…

Rolling Stones, Dallas 11 2021 - SetlistThe Press:

dallasobserver.com: The Rolling Stones Defied Age and the Weather at a Spectacular Dallas Show
star-telegram.com: Traffic nightmare, cold drizzle can’t dampen Rolling Stones show at Dallas’ Cotton Bowl
dfw.cbslocal.com: Fans Get What They Want At Rolling Stones Concert At Dallas’ Cotton Bowl
dallasnews.com: Rolling Stones brought the heat to the Cotton Bowl, but struggled to find the right notes
– Mick Jagger’s showmanship was spectacular, even as bandmates fumbled in their playing.
dailymail.co.uk: Sir Mick Jagger plays tourist in Dallas as he visits the African American Museum… after axing Brown Sugar from US leg of Rolling Stones tour over its depiction of slavery


2 thoughts on “Dallas Aftermath

  • November 4, 2021 at 6:23

    There were some very strange conspiracies around this gig. I was watching a live stream from DJ Gerry on YouTube, and people in the comments were saying things like: Mick Jagger was really Michael Jackson (still alive) in a mask; that the show was looped, lip synced or not live; that JFK Jr was going to appear on stage at the end; that it wasn’t really the Stones on stage. I’ve never seen such craziness around a gig before. Totally bizarre.

    • November 4, 2021 at 15:17

      Yup – I saw those informations, too and also the press reporting these. Totally insane. Very strange, people are agreeing to such fake ‘facts’ at all. I’m just puzzled.


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