Tampa Aftermath

Setlist - The Rolling Stones, No Filter Tour, Tampa 29.10.2021

Again, The Rolling Stones deliver a great show!

With a setlist once again altered by songs like Sad Sad Sad, Get Off Of My Cloud and Beast Of Burden, this is another nice variant of the setlist played so far.

This show was another good one. But still, not as good as LA II, as far as I can tell. And exactly this is the problem:  judging a show like Tampa solely from the live streams available at the time and given their VERY limited quality, it’s very hard to judge anything even remotely just. You only can get a very small taste of the actual event. But then, there’s a tiny, little advantage: If you’re at the gig, the sheer volume keeps many details under cover. The live streams or YouTube videos, however are different. The algorithms of mobiles or cameras level the volume down and you get a completely different sound experience.

Thus, the experience of being there and watching via the internet from afar differes greatly. Nevertheless, I have come to great respect for Mick, Keith and Ronnie for delivering as they did so far on this tour.

As for Tampa, “Ghost Town” via the stream last night was not really convincing. But check out the YouTube video below – I had tears in my eyes and find they delivered that song mighty fine. Another highlight, if you want, is “Sad Sad Sad”.  The first time added to the setlist for the first time on this tour, this was a nice addition. And the song delivered well until it was Kaith’s time to do the solo. He completely missed the right scale. In the video below, you can see Mick looking back as he walks along the catwalk to engage the audience, thinking ‘What’s going on here?’. The video, taken from the pit perspective, has the sound of the stage monitors for the most part, and less that from the PA. So what really puzzles me here is that Keith kept on playing the wrong notes as if he couldn’t hear his guitar from the stage monitors. But thast’s not really the case, right? Not with a production of that scale and quality they have running now. And, too, Keith is not deaf. So that would be a question I really would like to have answered. I bet, Mick and Keith will discuss those moments with the production team running this tour, as they will have done with this fabulous incident with the missing 10string acoustic guitar for Wild Horses before…

The press

tampabay.comIn Tampa, the Rolling Stones have got what you need

photos.cltampa.com –  The Rolling Stones revisit their favorite local memories in brawny, assertive return to Tampa Bay“[…] Still, it’s unfathomable that a group made up of core members who have been at it for the better part of 60 years can still pack in fans at a football stadium. The Rolling Stones can still attract an audience that ranges from 20-somethings to great grandparents who know it’s only rock and roll…but they all seem to still like it.

Showtime for Tampa!

The Rolling Stones play Tampa

Tonight, we’ll be watching The Rolling Stones play Tampa…

…  as much as possible, hehehe. 😉

While waiting: why not listen to a very recent Keith interview: Strombo (apple music) with Keith Richards

The Rolling Stones play Tampa


  1. Street Fighting Man
  2. Get Off Of My Cloud
  3. Sad Sad Sad
  4. Tumbling Dice
  5. Beast Of Burden
  6. Faraway Eyes (vote song)
  7. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
  8. Living In A Ghost Town
  9. Start Me Up
  10. Honky Tonk Women
  11. Connection
  12. Happy
  13. Miss You
  14. Midnight Rambler
  15. Paint It Black
  16. Sympathy For The Devil
  17. Jumping Jack Flash
  18. Gimme Shelter
  19. Satisfaction


Clint – Facebook – encores
David – Facebook
– 18:07 – JJF
Austin – Facebook
– 8:54 – MR
Alex – Facebook
– 24:15
Ryan – Facebook
– 10:15
Lily – Facebook

Thomas – Facebook (14:14 – good sound until the last minutes)
Jennifer #2 – 4:38 – BoB
Jennifer – Facebook – 5:41
Daniel – Facebook – 2:48
Ron – Facebook – 12:34 from start
Wilber – Facebook – 3:39

Denis – Facebook – waiting for the band, SFM



Here’s some from the local press:

fox13news.comRolling Stones bring ‘No Filter’ tour to Tampa Friday

abcactionnews.comTampa Bay musicians play tribute concert for Rolling Stones, Charlie Watts

Tampa tomorrow

The Rolling Stones – Chicago June 25, 2019

The 8th show of this tour is coming near.

As for the song vote, this time it is really special:

  • Moonlight Mile
  • Far Away Eyes
  • No Expectations
  • Worried About You


Ok, ok, Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar - The Rolling Stones

OK, ok – Brown Sugar!

There’s been a wild discussion during the last weeks about that song by The Rolling Stones.

Usually, I skip gossip, slander or fake news. I like to have the proofable facts instead, even if that’s not such a great story. When this subject came up, I superficially took knowledge, without paying too much attention. But then again, it’s about this band I love and meanwhile I think, it’s about time to write something about it.

Let’s take this tabloid, the english Daily Mail, for example. This paper states: “Rolling Stones fans fight back against woke cancellation of Brown Sugar by bombarding the band with requests to play the song at their concerts in ‘fan favourite’ vote” and

– Rolling Stones have removed Brown Sugar from the setlist of their US tour
– Came under fire from woke critics over lyrics about slavery and sexual violence
– Now fans are fighting back and urging band to reintroduce the song to shows
– Their are flooding a fan vote with requests for Brown Sugar at upcoming shows

And here’s the lyrics we are talking about:

Gold Coast slave ship bound for cotton fields
Sold in the market down in New Orleans
Skydog slaver know he’s doin’ all right
Hear him whip the women, just around midnight

Brown Sugar, how come you taste so good?
Brown Sugar, just like a young girl should, oh no

Drums beatin’ cold, English blood runs hot
Lady of the house wonderin’ when it’s gonna stop
House boy knows that he’s doin’ all right
You should have heard him, just around midnight

Brown Sugar, how come you taste so good?
Brown Sugar, just like a young girl should, yeah
Brown Sugar, how come you dance so good?
Oh, got me quittin’
Brown Sugar, just like a black girl should, yeah

Now, I bet your mama was a tent show queen
And all her boyfriends were sweet 16
I’m no school boy but I know what I like
You should have heard them, just around midnight

Brown Sugar, how come you taste so good? Oh, no no
Brown Sugar, just like a young girl should

I said, yeah, yeah, yeah, woo
How come you, how come you dance so good?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, woo
Just like a, just like a black girl should
Yeah, yeah, yeah, woo

I can tell you, that when I danced to that song in the early 70ies – in Germany that is – I had NO idea what that was all about. Lines like “Hear him whip the women, just around midnight” only translated to me much later – I was in my early teens then. Looking back on it from now, I really wonder, how the BBC could have ever played that song in 1971 and the following years without getting sued… 😉 But they did, dind’t they?

If find these lyrics quite ok. They target at the crime of slavery and sympathizes with the black people under this horrible rule back then. And to some extent, they still do, I’m afraid. Racial segregation like in the US even after WWII is a thing VERY strange to me. So, in my view, it’s a very social-critical and political song. But then,  the times in the early 70ies were exactly that: very politial and revolutionary trying. But this was for a good reason, and no way just accidential.

So, in a nutshell, that is what I think about it. The Stones should add the song again to their setlist: that would be ok for me. No problem.

Minneapolis Aftermath

Rolling Stones in Minneapolis 2021 - setlist

Just from seeing live feeds, it’s hard to build an balanced judgement about last night’s show.

For once, it was difficult to get a stream after Miss You and then every stream has different optics and sound-quality. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t want to have missed it. Hopefully, I won’t miss any show, this band plays until the very stop.

There are some reviews by the press, recommended to read. They have different approaches and opinions to the show yesterday. In case you were there: why not share some words with us here?

Rolling Stones in Minneapolis 2021 - setlistTHE PRESS

Next year marks the Rolling Stones’ 60th anniversary together and after Sunday’s show, it sure seems like Jagger and Richards are going to keep this band rolling for the foreseeable future.


In the end, it felt like just another good concert by a legendary band, rather than a show that added to the legend.”


[ …] Then again, the Glimmer Twins delivered yet another ageless performance Sunday night, the type that puts bands a third their age to shame. […] Next year marks the Rolling Stones’ 60th anniversary together and after Sunday’s show, it sure seems like Jagger and Richards are going to keep this band rolling for the foreseeable future.


Watch the complete show in 1 go!

Minneapolis tonight!

Rolling Stones No Filter Tour in Minneaüpolis - 2021

Showtime for Mineapolis! Waiting for the Stones …

Rolling Stones No Filter Tour in Minneaüpolis - 2021

OK, due to missing streams in the middle of the set, we don’t get to enjoy the show as we had done before on this tour. After YCAGWYW, most feeds were gone. Nevertheless, we’ll get the show later on YouTube. 


  1. Street Fighting Man
  2. Let’s Spend The Night Together
  3. 19th Nervous Breakdown
  4. Tumbling Dice
  5. Monkey Man (vote song)
  6. Fool To Cry
  7. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
  8. Living In A Ghost Town
  9. Start Me Up
  10. Honky Tonk Women
  11. Connection
  12. Before They Make Me Run
  13. Miss You
  14. Midnight Rambler
  15. Paint It Black
  16. Sympathy For The Devil
  17. Jumping Jack Flash
  18. Gimme Shelter
  19. Satisfaction


Rick – Facebook 31:25 incl. Miss You

YouTube – “Live” (?) – from Start Me Up until Miss You, using the feeds available until then.

Shaundae – Facebook – HTW
Rick – Facebook – STU
John – Facebook – first 32:04
Damita – Facebook – 18:50
BRANDON – Facebook – first 4:40





Minnapolis show ante portas

Stones - Minneapolis 2021

Yeeey, and it’s another Stones show we can witness!

The local newspaper, The Minnesota Star Tribune has some Stones content these days:

If you want to vote for the vote-song, you can now do so! You can choose from among these songs:

  • Monkey Man
  • Neigbours
  • Shattered
  • She’s So Cold

Europe Tour 2022

Europe Tour 2022

You can consider the 2022 European Tour a done deal.


  1. Well, first, Mick and Keith have told so in interviews, that, given everbody is alright and well and everything else is ok, then they would do more shows in 2022, of course! And, witnessing this tour in the US, I have no doubt about it!
  2. Then, the new drummer, Steve Jordan, who is usually playing with John Mayer, who is supposed to be on tour with him, Steve (Jordan, that is), next year, and who has exchanged his (John Mayer’s) drummer, Steve (Jordan, that is) with Steve (Ferrone, from The Hartbrakers [you know .. Tom Petty …]), because Steve (Jordan, that is) has ‘commitments‘ next year, musically, you know …

Ergo: go and make your EU travel-, holiday- or Rock’n’Roll plans for next year, folks!



60 years ago … and then Minneapolis

Dartford meeting 1961

Just 60 years and 4 days ago, Mick and Keith met each other again at that platform #2 in Dartford railway station. Keith on his way to art school, Mick on his way to the London School of Economics…

During the LA #2 show, Mick related to this story while everyone backstage went crazy in search of Keith’s 12string for Wild Horses, hehehe …

Nowadays, you can find a blue plaque in honor of this event in rock history at Dratford Station:

More on this at waymarking.com, and the BBC from 2015 has an article about this, as well as planetradio.co.uk and NME.com.

Meanwhile, we have some news from the band and some nice pictures of Mick in LA…

Mick strolling around in LA, October 2021 …

LA #2 Aftermath

Rolling Stones in LA 2021 #2 - setlist

Crash Boom Bang! Another great show!

Again, they played around with the setlist quite nicely! Now with the sixth show into the tour, you can see and hear that the Stones engine is runnung on all 12 cylinders. The band plays tight and in great mood.

And there was at least one really hilarious moment. That’s when they wanted to play the vote song, Wild Horses, and Keith’s 12string guitar couldn’t be found. It was either unfindable or out of tune. And if you know guitars, you know how it is to tune a 12string, hehehe … Mick suggested that in this case, he would just play the song with another guitar. Meanwhile the whole concert came to a stop, Keith running back and forth, streching out the hand as if the guitar would just appear and let him play on. Mick explained the trouble to the audience and then, not only just to kill time, told the fact that on that day 60 years ago, Keith and he met at platform 2, Dartford Railway Station! The crowd loved it. Meanwhile, Keith had changed to one of his butterscotch Teles and the song started…

Consequence.net writes: “… Even in their late 70s, the pack has tremendous energy to give. And they give it to the fans gladly. Then again, age is irrelevant for this group. What is relevant is their ongoing ability to connect to the world, just like they have for decades.

Yahoo Entertainment: “… Despite the setlist having barely moved (outside of their 2016 Desert Trip appearance) and only one song (“Living in a Ghost Town”) on it that has been released since George H.W. Bush was president, the Stones continue to prove why they were the world’s greatest rock n roll band.

See and enjoy the videos below!
God, I love this band!

olling Stones in LA 2021 #2 - setlist