Recording the new album

Keith's looking good!

Days go by rather fast. We expect a tour and a new album to surface soon and officially.

Up to now, information still is sparse. However, we know that there have been recording sessions at Electric Lady Studios, New York City, last October. Then, between October and December last year, the guys were in LA, at Henson Recording Studios.

And now, a source ( is telling that at least Mick and Keith are in Nassau, The Bahamas, at Sanctuary Studios maybe for mixing and overdubbing. It’s not clear whether Ronnie, Darryl and Steve are there, too, but if it’s really just mixing and playing last overdubs, it could shurely be just the two glimmer twins.

Keith's looking good!UPDATE February 01 2023: And is it just coincidance, that just hours ago, the latest video of #askKeith appeared on Twitter with Keith answering the question “What makes a great recording studio?” – hehehe, … Well … 😉

Harps and statues

Mick's own harp line

First: Mick’s own line of harmonicas.

Together with Lee Oskar these items will be available at February 8 and each instruments, presented in 10 different keys will cost £ 49.99

“Mick Jagger and Lee Oskar are a culmination of the greatest in harmonicas. Mick Jagger has championed the instruments used in rock and roll from the very start of his musical journey. For the first time, Mick and Lee are combining their expertise to realise a limited edition dream harmonica. Available in 10 major diatonic keys. Buy two or more, get free shipping.
The harmonicas will be shipped from 8th February.”

Second: we learn, that a statue of Mick and Keith will be shown in Dartford

While we already know, that a blue plaque has been placed in Dartford railway station to commemorate their first meeting in 1961, the statues of the two Glimmer Twins will be installed on the High Street in early 2023. The statues themselves will be created by local sculptor Amy Goodman, who intends to create the figures as if they are mid performance.

Amy is quite thrilled and seems to focus on the right details while creating her art. She writes:

“It’s so thrilling to be able to share that I have been commissioned by Dartford Borough Council to sculpt two incredible music icons, Sir Mick Jagger and Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones. Such an unbelievable honour and privilege. Both Dartford boys, they will be completed in bronze and installed at One Bell Corner in Dartford Town later this Spring.
I really wanted to capture their energy, mid performance. Mick Jagger strutting, whilst Keith is absorbed in his guitar: his famous ‘Micawber’ Telecaster.”

See also for more on this.

Amy’s tweet:

What do you think of this? Will you order some harps and play it? How do you like the statues? Just leave a comment

Keith promises…

Keith 01-2023

… and keeps fingers crossed. He confirmed that new music is on the way!

Ok, we already hoped and waited for this and even got hints from Ronnie already in October ’22, not to mention other sources

But now, our very dear human riff himself opens up, wishing us a belated new year and warns us, that new music is on the way. Well, besides all that bunch of bad news around, this one very exactly represents the opposite and carries with it one of the best reasons, why living on this planet in this time is really worthwhile, hehehe … Keith Richards Promises ‘New Music’ On the Way: ‘Hopefully We’ll Get to See You’ Keith Richards hints at new Rolling Stones music this year


Too bad. RIP, Jeff!

Jeff, Johnny, Ronnie

Very sad news. Today, we’ve learned about the death of Jeff Beck.

One of the most outstandig guitar virtusos. I play a little myself and when I see him play, I can’t stop admiring what and how he does play. Very unique, very difficult to play like this and, first of all, very intense lines and riffs which directly cut into the heart of things. As writes:

“Beck’s skills as a technician often overshadowed how emotional his playing could be […]. His guitar jabs cajole, and ultimately cry.”

Rolling Stone: Jeff Beck, Rock’s Quiet Guitar Virtuoso, Dead at 78 – Hall of Fame musician and former Yardbird guitarist dies following short bout with bacterial meningitis
Recommended – Jeff Beck – the ultimate interview: one of the electric guitar’s most prolific innovators reflects on his sprawling career

Here’s Jeff with the then so very young Tal Wilkenfield. While she plays a mesmerizing bass-solo, Jeff in reply just flies way off the top – simply beautiful! Jeff: we miss you! Rest in peace!

The new year has begun!

Stones 2023

Yes folks, and we are looking forward to another great Stones year!

That is, if everything goes well. Let’s hope so!

In this case, we can expect yet another Rolling Stones tour and the release of new studio material!

Incredible. Some of us older fans face the 61st year of fanship for this band. That alone is a sheer wonder! How lucky can we be?

So in case this year 2023 keeps what it promises, we indeed can consider us extremely lucky, right? 🙂

And here’s what the band tweeted: