Recording the new album

Keith's looking good!

Days go by rather fast. We expect a tour and a new album to surface soon and officially.

Up to now, information still is sparse. However, we know that there have been recording sessions at Electric Lady Studios, New York City, last October. Then, between October and December last year, the guys were in LA, at Henson Recording Studios.

And now, a source ( is telling that at least Mick and Keith are in Nassau, The Bahamas, at Sanctuary Studios maybe for mixing and overdubbing. It’s not clear whether Ronnie, Darryl and Steve are there, too, but if it’s really just mixing and playing last overdubs, it could shurely be just the two glimmer twins.

Keith's looking good!UPDATE February 01 2023: And is it just coincidance, that just hours ago, the latest video of #askKeith appeared on Twitter with Keith answering the question “What makes a great recording studio?” – hehehe, … Well … 😉

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