The new album with the Beatles + more …

Rolling Stones - London Hyde Park 2022

Yes, folks, it’s true – two of The Beatles, still alive, could contribute some stuff to the new album of The Rolling Stones!

As we can read at (and elsewhere), that Paul McCartney as well as Ringo Starr have been at the sessions for the yet-to-be-announced album, which by now is nearing the mixing phase. There’s no info as to whether Macca and Ringo appear on the same track or not. And even if that or those particular tracks will finally join the selection of songs to be published on the album is uncertain.

(@Steve: thanks for the link, mate. Hadn’t seen it until now; got the info via Google’s alert…)

After all those years of waiting, we will easily cope with the final days or weeks until the new album will come out. Stones fans can be very patient, hehehe …

What else?

Oh yes; there’s a nice little docu about The Rolling Stones Mobile Studio – The Stones mobile recording studio not only produced some of the band’s biggest albums but was also used to record some of the most iconic albums of the 1970s by other legendary bands such as Fleetwood Mac, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, and Black Sabbath…

And then we have a new revisit to Emotional Rescue as official lyric video!

Unofficial announcement cancelled

Stones tongue on mural

There have been expectations, that The Rolling Stones would announce their tour dates for this year, soon.

However, that won’t happen within the next days. But don’t worry…

First of all, there has not been any official announcement of a tour for this year yet. All we talk about here is rumours and latest rumours…

BUT, as rumour has it, the possible scheduled dates for early summer (see this post for the venues) were expected to be announced soon. But now we hear, that this was postponed in favour for a tour in maybe late summer or fall. We also hear, that there is no need to worry about any serious threat to the band or the tour, but that some trivial reasons caused this postponement. For example, it is very likely that there were problems with the schedule and they couldn’t book the 12 plus 2 venues within any reasonable time table for this summer, so they try again to fix dates for later this year.

So far, so good. Long live The Rolling Stones!

Some tour-infos

Some tour-infos

Some more informations – although not official – have surfaced.

Apparently, an announcement was planned for this Friday, February 17th, but was postponed. To what date is not yet known. Remind you, this was not officially either.

Similaryl to the last tours The Rolling Stones have done, we can expect about 14 dates for this summer. Maybe, the tour continues into this fall. Of the 14 rumoured dates, it’s reasonable to expect that 12 will be venues in the US and 2 of them in Canada…

There will be more news coming in during this month.

First rumoured tourdates for this summer!

Stones tongue on mural

As we had expected, we now see the first rumoured tour dates coming up.

So far, rumors tell about a tour of the Unites States of America during this summer. Start of this tour could well be around June.

As for the list of venues, so far, there’s a list of four cities: Chicago (June), Edmonton (June), Boston (July) and Cleveland (July).

Of course, we do not know how this tour is going to be called yet. There will be more dates than these four, that’s for sure.

We as well can expect, that the tour dates will leave plenty of time in between the dates; after all, we talk about folks in their 80, for chissakes! It’s a wonder, a miracle and it’s wonderful! Long live The Rolling Stones!


Are you in?

Are you in?

High folks! Just got me ticket for GRRR tonight – you too?

If so, let’s join in the fun and celebrate 10 years of the 50th anniversary, 1 year of the 60th anniversary and by looking back on GRRR! let’s look forward to the upcoming album and tour!

Man, I’m thilled, even though I know it’s just a recorded show from tape and it dates 10 years back.
OK, I don’t care. Rather, I’ll enjoy it! 🙂

I don’t know whether we can see each other in the chat for the stream, but if so, me, I’m ( … guess what …) ‘stonesnews-com’ – C U there!!

Just hours left…

The Rolling Stones: GRRR Live!

… and you can join in and see the broadcast GRRR LIVE on your device!

On December 15, 2012, the best live band in the world took the stage at New Jersey’s Prudential Center. Featuring guest appearances by The Black Keys, Gary Clark Jr & John Mayer, Lady Gaga, Mick Taylor and hometown hero Bruce Springsteen, the concert proved to be one of the most memorable shows in the band’s history. Since its original airing in 2012, this show has not been available to fans until now!

If you want to join the fun, just go to

Tickets are still available – for Europe, it’s 9,17 € for the livestream ticket and 32,12 € for the livestream ticket + vintage t-shirt bundle.

AVAILABLE SHOWTIMES: 8pm GMT (FEB 2nd) / 8pm EST (FEB 2nd) / 8pm PST (FEB 2nd) / 8pm AWST (FEB 3rd)

The Rolling Stones: GRRR Live!