The new album with the Beatles + more …

Yes, folks, it’s true – two of The Beatles, still alive, could contribute some stuff to the new album of The Rolling Stones!

As we can read at (and elsewhere), that Paul McCartney as well as Ringo Starr have been at the sessions for the yet-to-be-announced album, which by now is nearing the mixing phase. There’s no info as to whether Macca and Ringo appear on the same track or not. And even if that or those particular tracks will finally join the selection of songs to be published on the album is uncertain.

(@Steve: thanks for the link, mate. Hadn’t seen it until now; got the info via Google’s alert…)

After all those years of waiting, we will easily cope with the final days or weeks until the new album will come out. Stones fans can be very patient, hehehe …

What else?

Oh yes; there’s a nice little docu about The Rolling Stones Mobile Studio – The Stones mobile recording studio not only produced some of the band’s biggest albums but was also used to record some of the most iconic albums of the 1970s by other legendary bands such as Fleetwood Mac, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, and Black Sabbath…

And then we have a new revisit to Emotional Rescue as official lyric video!


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