Unofficial announcement cancelled

There have been expectations, that The Rolling Stones would announce their tour dates for this year, soon.

However, that won’t happen within the next days. But don’t worry…

First of all, there has not been any official announcement of a tour for this year yet. All we talk about here is rumours and latest rumours…

BUT, as rumour has it, the possible scheduled dates for early summer (see this post for the venues) were expected to be announced soon. But now we hear, that this was postponed in favour for a tour in maybe late summer or fall. We also hear, that there is no need to worry about any serious threat to the band or the tour, but that some trivial reasons caused this postponement. For example, it is very likely that there were problems with the schedule and they couldn’t book the 12 plus 2 venues within any reasonable time table for this summer, so they try again to fix dates for later this year.

So far, so good. Long live The Rolling Stones!


Kommentar zu “Unofficial announcement cancelled

  • February 17, 2023 at 5:28

    A lot of venues might be in high demand this summer and made it hard to put together the schedule with the 3 day interlude in between and have it all flow smooth.

    There could be other small reasons factoring in too.

    Hopefully, the new album comes out this summer and I think they would definitely want to get the right timing with the release and tour as this tour would be a tour in support of new music too.


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