Some tour-infos

Some more informations – although not official – have surfaced.

Apparently, an announcement was planned for this Friday, February 17th, but was postponed. To what date is not yet known. Remind you, this was not officially either.

Similaryl to the last tours The Rolling Stones have done, we can expect about 14 dates for this summer. Maybe, the tour continues into this fall. Of the 14 rumoured dates, it’s reasonable to expect that 12 will be venues in the US and 2 of them in Canada…

There will be more news coming in during this month.


Kommentar zu “Some tour-infos

  • February 18, 2023 at 4:14

    They would certainly be looking at Toronto & Montreal for sure. Calgary and Vancouver would be two other cities certainly under consideration. The US could include NY/NJ, Boston, Philly, Chicago, Cleveland, Charlotte, Tampa, Nashville, Kansas City, Arlington, San Diego, or LA.


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