Too bad. RIP, Jeff!

Jeff, Johnny, Ronnie

Very sad news. Today, we’ve learned about the death of Jeff Beck.

One of the most outstandig guitar virtusos. I play a little myself and when I see him play, I can’t stop admiring what and how he does play. Very unique, very difficult to play like this and, first of all, very intense lines and riffs which directly cut into the heart of things. As writes:

“Beck’s skills as a technician often overshadowed how emotional his playing could be […]. His guitar jabs cajole, and ultimately cry.”

Rolling Stone: Jeff Beck, Rock’s Quiet Guitar Virtuoso, Dead at 78 – Hall of Fame musician and former Yardbird guitarist dies following short bout with bacterial meningitis
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Here’s Jeff with the then so very young Tal Wilkenfield. While she plays a mesmerizing bass-solo, Jeff in reply just flies way off the top – simply beautiful! Jeff: we miss you! Rest in peace!