Ivy Club Aftermath

So Ronnie played that gig at the Ivy Club, London.

Now, quite some videos have surfaced. It’s like a little appetizer for the upcoming tour, folks. And the best is: Ronnie is in fine shape, he definitely is ready for the stage!

Below, you’ll find what I found so far, in no particular order. It’s just a loose playing and jamming. Ben Waters had just flown in from Australia, and his son played the sax. Ben played some songs as opening numbers. With Ronnie, among the songy played were Wee Wee Hours, Simply the Best, Proud Mary, River Deep, Mountain High, Rock ‘N’ Roll Music, Rock Me Baby, Chain of Fools, Johnny B. Goode (startet with I Can Feel The Fire and then transformed into the Berry classic), Every Night About This Time, Remember, Walking In The Sand. Ronnie played for some 2 and a half hours… Quite impressive!
Go, go, go, Ronnie, Go!

Ronnie, Ivy Club, London 2023 - photo by Hendric Mulder facebookHere’s the setlist, taken from Nico Zentgraf’s Stones database:

  • Rock And Roll Music (Chuck Berry) – Imelda May on lead vocals
  • The Best (Mike Chapman/Holly Knight) – Chanel Haynes on lead vocals
  • Chain Of Fools (Don Covay) – RW on lead vocals
  • Every Night About This Time (Antoine Domino) – Imelda May on lead vocals, unverified
  • Wee Wee Hours (Chuck Berry) – Imelda May on lead vocals, unverified
  • Remember (George Francis Morton) – Imelda May on lead vocals
  • River Deep, Mountain High (Jeff Barry/Ellie Greenwich/Phil Spector) – Chanel Haynes on lead vocals
  • Rock Me Baby (B.B. King/Joe Bihari) – Chanel Haynes on lead vocals
  • Lewis Boogie (Jerry Lee Lewis) – Ben Waters on lead vocals
  • I Can Feel The Fire/Let It Rock/Johnny B. Goode (RW) (both: Chuck Berry) – first RW, then Ben Waters on lead vocals
  • Proud Mary (John Fogerty) – Chanel Haynes on lead vocals

Line-up: RW (gtr, voc) / Ben Waters (p, voc) / Ian Jennings (bass) / Ady Milward (dr) / Tom Waters (sax) / Imelda May (voc) / Chanel Haynes (voc)
Note: Benefit-gig to raise funds for spinal injury charity Aspire.


3 thoughts on “Ivy Club Aftermath

  • April 19, 2023 at 7:37

    I just read on the Stones fan page that the Stones will not be touring the US this year. A Fall tour looks to be impossible to book due to stadiums being booked up by other artists. Maybe 2024.

    • April 19, 2023 at 15:41

      Hi Jerry,
      Yup, I have seen this, too, some Days ago. But then, it appeared rattert thin to me. I’ll check IT again tonight. Thanks anyway!

      • April 19, 2023 at 20:30

        Ouch – I stand corrected, sadly. No tour this year…


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