Sticky Fingers!!

The official Rolling Stones site has just released it’s new Sticky Fingers section in celebration of the 50th birthday of this album!

The site gives you some idea of the aera, the making and generally the history of the album. Of course, there’s videos and interviews about the album, Muscle Shoals (the studio which has a history of it’s own). So they made up a really nice site there.

There’s 9 sections of “The story of the album” you can explore, all with pictures, some videos and infos around the issue of this monster classc rock album. There’s stories about the album (1) the Muscle Shoals (2), the mobile studio (3), the logo (4), the artwork (5), the actual release of the album (6), the lead singe Brown sugar (7), Wild Horses (8) and the album tracks (9)


The band hearing the Wild Horses track taken  and mixed… anything to add or change?

There’s a lot more to see and hear, so just go there an give it another listen! A nice site done in technical perspective, too, by the way.


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