Munich aftermath

Munich aftermath

And another solid 2 hour show!

The Stones played again for 2 solid hours and 19 songs in Munich! First comments about the show tell of great and clear sound with the guitars strong in the mix (as it should be!), a great show and that the band was on fire. This for the good part.

The not-so-good part was that because of the weather conditions, they had to postpone the entrance by one hour.
Then many folks with tickets couldn’t get in for the show start because queues were too long. That was not at all well managed.
And then, for us folks looking on via the net, we could hardly find any stream to take part as the show rolled on.

In all three cases it’s not the band to blame.

Now, for the press. first, the german (without membership): / / (video) / / / / / / /

In English: /

The show in videos

1. Street Fighting Man

2. 19th Nervous Breakdown

3. Rocks Off

4. Tumblin’ Dice

… still searching for video …

5. Out Of Time

6. Ruby Tuesday (vote song)

7. You Can’t Always Get What You Want

8. Living In A Ghost Town

9. Honky Tonk Women


10. Connection

11. Slipping Away

12. Miss You

13. Midnight Rambler

14. Start Me Up

15. Paint It Black

16. Sympathy For The Devil

17. Jumping Jack Flash

18. Gimme Shelter

19. Satisfaction