Greetings from Mick and Keith

Stones Sixty Europe Tour 2022

All systems go and ready for playing Milano!

The vote page still isn’t displaying any songs to choose from and still has January 01 1970 on top – something must have gone wrong here, hehehe …

Mick’s greetings – he has recovered!

Keith arriving at the hotel in Milano, sharing a laugh…

Roadies are busy building the stage… “The crew are busy setting up the stage in the glorious Italian sunshine, we can’t wait to see you at San Siro Stadium tomorrow night!

Looking forward to Milan!

Looking forward to Milan!

After bad news comes the good news – Mick is well and the show at Milano will take place as planned!

That’s what the band tweeted just a few hours ago.

As I look for the song vote at right now, they seem to be at work on this right now, because the date is shown as “January 1, 1970” (the dummy date if you don’t enter any value) and the 4 songs don’t appear