Milano aftermath

Rolling stones - Milano 2022 - Lithograph

That definitely was a good show by The Rolling Stones.

The majority of accounts one can find in the web tell of a band in high spirits and tight sound. Especially Mick was able to impress the audience with his singing and enthusiasm. And that’s particularly good news after his infection with Covid19. He seems to be fully recovered. I for one expected him to spare his voice, but apparently, that was not the case. It could be, though, that the 2 extra songs, Dead Flowers and Wild Horses, were added in the setlist to let his voice relax a bit for some minutes. But that’s just a guess.

Then, Sasha Allen was missing for this show! Insead of her, three Ghost Hounds backup singers – Amy Keys, Kenna Ramsey and Kamilah Marshall joined Bernard on the stage. We still don’t know exactly, what the deal with Sasha is, whether she has cought Covid of something else had happend. So then the show arrived at Gimme Shelter and who would be singing this part with Mick now? That was done by another great lady singer, Chanel Haynes, who is one of the two singers to play Tina Turner in the musical of the same name. That can be clearly seen and heard by her performance of this song, captured in YT videos as you can see below.

Have you been at the show? How was the show in your opinion? Can you tell a story? Just send your words to me or just leave a comment below!

Here’s the setlist and the videos I found so far:

1 – Street Fighting Man

2 – 19th Nervous Breakdown

I chose this one – it has better sound – here’s another

3 – Tumbling Dice

4 – Out Of Time

Here’s another good one!

5 – Dead Flowers

Dead Flowers + Wild Horses

6 – Wild Horses

Dead Flowers + Wild Horses

7 – You Can’t Always Get What You Want

8 – Living In A Ghost Town

9 – Honky Tonk Women

10 – You’ve Got The Silver

11 – Connection

12 – Miss You

13 – Midnight Rambler

14 – Start Me Up

15 – Paint It Black

16 – Sympathy For The Devil

17 – Jumping Jack Flash

18 – Gimme Shelter

19 – Satisfaction