Liverpool aftermath

Liverpool aftermath

Folks, what can I say. Dynamite show in Liverpool, really!

It’s just wonderful, insane, crazy, far out, hilarious and jaw-dropping: The Rolling Stones delivered in Liverpool one of the best shows, people have seen. That’s what folks say who have been there and who have seen many shows of this band. And even I (and you), following the streams as they came and were, could tell that this show was right on the spot. The band is in a fine mood and really playing tight, rocking for 2 hours straight. Again: wonderful. How proud we can be, to be fans for 60 years of such an extraordinary phenomenon like The Rolling Stones, fuck yeah.

Let’s see, what the press has to say. And below you’ll find the setlist with videos, as far as I could find ’em.

The Press: / / / / / / / / /

Here is the show in videos (as of now)

1 Street Fighting Men

2 19th Nervous Breakdown

3 Get Off Of My Cloud

4 Tumblin’ Dice

5 I Want To Be Your Man

6 Out Of Time

7 You Can’t Always Get What You Want

8 Living In A Ghost Town – only 1:33 – sorry

9 Honky Tonk Women


10 You Got The Silver

11 Connection – at the start, Keith had problems with his guitar. So he turns towards Steve, signalling him he has troubles and they should stop and restart the song. But Stve just kept on drumming. Meanwhile, Ronnie realised that there was some things going on. As the drumming kept on, Keith gave in and started to sing the song without playing his guitar while Ronnie covered his ass by trying to play both of their parts at once. Really cute. And one of the essential moments where you see the band staying tight, holding ground while the shit hits the fan. Wonderful. That’s why Keith says after thanking the crows that “Shit happens”…

12 Miss You

13 Midnight Rambler

14 Start Me Up

15 Paint It Black

16 Sympathy For The Devil

17 Jumping Jack Flash

I chose this video although it has only meagre sound quality. But the thing is: you can hear Keith hitting his Fender Tele ‘pada-baaaah, pada-baaahhh’ after the chorus in such a manner that you can get the idea how it hits you when you’re at the gig. I just love that power of JJF, really a true highlight at this place just before the encores …

You Never Walk Alone

18 Gimme Shelter

19 Satisfaction

final bows