Shock! Ronnie talks about tour and new album!

Ronnie interview GBN

Ronnie on the telephone with british channel GBNews.

Well, GBNews is not particularly my favourite cup of tea, but in this case, it caught my eye. And my ears.

Ronnie is interviewed by Alastair Steward. While he, Ronnie, has just run an exhibition of some new series of his paintings at London’s Kenwood House (see Ronnies blog here for more on this), he is talking to Alastair about his art.

Of course, he’s asked about music, too. And there you have it. Although the sound quality of his telefone connection is really bad, you can clearly hear him answer to the question whether he thinks the gig in Berlin would have been the last time, he either doesn’t want to answer that or just misses the content. So Alastair insists by asking if he would see him again in Hyde Park or Paris or elsewhere? Ronnie said “Of course you will!

He continues by telling that they are working to finish the studio album that they “have been working on for years“, that they are “bringing that to an end” and that things go on really well now. They just came back from  New York and they’re “finishing it off in LA in a couple of weeks time” and he hopes they will have a “new package to bring” that will be the best for … and here he seems to have to count back until he continues … “the last fiveteen years, I recon” and closing it off by saying that “you will be seeing us live again in the next year, hopefully, too.

So here we go, folks. Let’s hope for the best. After all, a rolling stones gatheres no moss…

Here you go:

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