The Hackney Empire prepares

The Hackney Empire prepares

The Hackney Empire prepares for the event tomorrow!

That’s a wonderful place for holding a press converence. One might think of the Stones giving a short live taste of the new album – who knows?

Nevertheless, apart from wishfull thinking, we’ll have an announcement by the Stones tomorrow, including Jimmy Fallon. And whatever the case, the question about when they will go on tour again behind Hackney Diamonds is, in my opinion, a must!

So let’s wait for another few hours and see what is awaiting us tomorrow. In any case, these will be definitely good stonesnews, folks! 🙂

[UPDATE] – This just came in: check out Faye Hackwell and her morning’s breakfast show at BBC Radio Kent around  7.20am tomorrow morning – they will have a feature about the new album and a chat with fan(s)!!

Below are some pictures from the venue and the preparations. I found them at X from at MarieFranceRemillard and she got
Photo 1-4 via  Beast/IORR. “The Rolling Stones will be holding a press conference from the Hackney Empire on Mare Street this Wednesday.

Photo 5: Chelrald Oxley “Lights rigging inside the Hackney Empire on Mare Street, Hackney, for The Rolling Stones“,