Read this. If U can’t – steal it!

Read this. If U can’t – steal it!

I got that line from a very early back cover text of one the Rolling Stones EPs  (or was is a LP already?)

Anyways;  here is the deal: here are two very very much recommendes reads for you. The first one in technically no problem and just around the corner, so to speak… 

Check out for the article “How the Rolling Stones Finally Got It Together and Made a Great New Album – Mick, Keith, Ronnie, and Stevie (Wonder, that is) break down the star-packed Hackney Diamonds, an album the Stones only could have made now

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And then, switch over to the NYTimes – (I just crushed the paywall by creating a free account in order to get my hands and eyes on this text – and it’s worth it!) – this article is a must read!!!

The Rolling Stones on Starting Up Again – The band opens up about how its first album of new songs since 2005, and first since the death of Charlie Watts, recharges the partnership of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.”