Another album, two more songs!

Another album, two more songs!

Wonderful times these days, folks! We have more good news to enjoy!

One of them is, that we now know, that after Hackney Diamonds, there will be another Stones album on it’s way!

According to, who again point towards an interview the Stones gave after the PC, in this case with GB News (or GN News?), Paul McCartney played on more than two songs with them. One of the songs, Bite My Head Off, we already know about the collaboration. But there’s another song not included in the track list of Hackney Diamonds and that song will be published “on the next album“.

That’s not particularly the latest news as the band itself spoke about having recorded 23 songs and Hackney Diamonds features 12 songs. So there are at least 11 songs left for good and from these, the next album will tell us more! In a nutshell: Hackney Diamonds will not be the last Rolling Stones album!

Then, the other good news is that 2 more songs have leaked we can listen to.

One is Depending On You, a ballad – and a beautiful one. It starts with acoustic guitars and Mick singing soulfully about a lost love gone to someone else although he was so ‘depending on you’. After the first chorus, Ronnie adds some nice slide licks and the harmonies just flow about. Yes, the Stones can ballads. This song reminds me a little on Winter, Wild Horses and Moonlight Mile!

The other is Get Close – a rocker. Starting with the rhythm section it just straightforward jumps into your face. There’s a sax solo in the break which sounds like Bobby did this. This song could well come from Mick’s portfolio of ideas, IMHO.