51 years of TONGUE logo

Very nice tongue pic by Jason

The Rolling Stones tongue is a LOGO at it’s best!

And it’s incredibly stron. Rnking among the top  well known logos of any kind of brand, enterprise, name or product, the tongue logo is the definite trade mark of this rock’n’roll band we like to call the greatest.

And as design i concerned – this one is just one of the genious moments, where time and idea fall into a very maching place.

I am very fond of the interview of John Pasche, who created the logo in 1970, where he tells us first hands about the how’s and who’s when this logo was created. Mick Jagger’s lips were involved, as were the stricing tongue of indian mothergodess Kali. So please have a loog and listen to this 8 minutes talk with John Pasche:

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In this context, our friend Jason sent in this nice text and picture:

Fifty years ago, the most famous, wordless logo in Rock n Roll was publicly unveiled: the tongue and lips design for the Rolling Stones. By the 1970s, the Stones were anxious to get out from under the thumb of manager/mogul Allen Klein. The band created their own pet label, Rolling Stones Records, for the release of their own albums, initially manufactured and distributed through Atlantic Records. And featured prominently on the actual labels and packaging was this new logo created by graphic artist John Pasche and further stylized by Craig Braun. There is likely no way to tabulate how many products this worldwide icon has been slapped on. As you may know, I have dozens, hundreds of shirts, posters, cups, caps, etc emblazoned with the image inspired by Mick Jagger’s mouth (or possibly the tongue of the Hindu goddess Kali, depends on the story you believe.) The first album released by RS Records in April 1971, was “Brian Jones Presents the Pipes of Pan at Joujouka” a worldbeat recording curated by the late Stones guitarist. The follow-up would be a monumental landmark of Rock history. Stay tuned!

Well, I for one didn’t know about Jason’s collection, but it sounds as if there’s a collection worth to see. I also liked that picture he sent in:

Very nice tongue pic by Jason