The Making of Let It Bleed!

The Making of Let It Bleed!

Speaking of the recent Sticky Fingers anniversary, I came upon a real treat for us Stones fans as far as the Stones’ history and music is concerend and I might add: that’s exactly what I am fond about!

So there’s a documentary about the Rolling stones album  LET IT BLEED, and I write that in capitals, because that’s one of the masterpieces of the band as well as the black sun in the center of the Stones’ system…

It’s a three-part documentary. And it was created and uploaded to YouTube by Steve FLIPSIDE CT” – aka Vinyl Records:

FlipSide CT = A member (geek) of the Vinyl Community that loves collecting Vinyl Rock and Roll (all genres), Blues and some Jazz – here’s his own introduction:

Steve seems to be a nice guy to me, he’s cool. I like him! 🙂 Go catch his YT-channel – nice finds there st

The first part of the docu has 35 minutes,
the second 1 hour, 04 minutes and
the third 1 hour, 30 minutes and 24 seconds.

So all in all, you have about 3 hours (!) of documentary about the album and it’s aera. That’s simply great and a guarantee for  Stones-filled evening! What I have seen from this so far I can tell, that it is very well and accurate documented and that means a lot. I’m very grateful to the authors (FlipSideCT) of this an I’m sure you will enjoy this, too!

So here we go:




Any comments? 🙂