Madrid aftermath – videos

What a night is was and what a show the bad put on!

Judging even from the so-so ‘quality’ of the streams yesterday, I for one had the impression, that the band played really well, tight and loud. The setlist, too, added to the fun. In a nutshell, they really surprised me. Especially Keith played very well. I think, his playing has improoved considerably.

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Some of the Press: / / / / / / (gallery) /

Gerard sent in these links (THX mate!): / / /  / /

And here’s the setlist with the YT videos I found so far!!
I try to find the videos which are the most complete as the song is concerned. Then I check for the sound, and after that the quality of picture…

1. Street Fighting Man

2. 19th Nervous Breakdown

3. Sad Sad Sad

4. Tumblin’ Dice

5. Out Of Time

6. Beast Of Burden

5. Out Of Time

6. Beast Of Burden

7. You Can’t Always Get What You Want

8. Living In A Ghost Town

9. Honky Tonk Women

10./11. Introductions, Happy Birthday to Ronnie with huge amounts of confetti, Happy + Slipping Away

12. Miss You

13. Midnight Rambler

14. Start Me Up

15. Paint It Black

16. Sympathy For The Devil

17. Jumping Jack Flash

18. Gimme Shelter (encore)

19. Satisfaction (encore)–9GnzGwKBQ


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